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I have been focusing on the social impact of AI systems since 2018.

I started as a policy researcher and expanded my activity into research, advocacy and art throughout the last three years I’ve been freelancing. You can find more about my work here: https://rbc.xyz

As AI tools become mainstream and we are increasingly interacting with recommendation algorithms, there is some sort of fascination mixed with confusion when it comes to these technologies. Despite recent policy efforts, we cannot solely rely on regulations and tech companies’ ‘good will’ to define the terms of our phygital worlds.

Without public awareness, understanding and pressure when it’s needed; the AI/platform business ecosystem will act as a monopoly-maker and an extractive force. This is why on this blog, I intend to mix personal stories, questions, encounters as starting point to share knowledge and advocate for authentic, free, equitable presents via thinking on/about/through AI.

I am interested in the negative space of AI: what is cultural, political, emotional, symbolic, economic, historical… Everything that upholds and supports the technological environment we evolve in today.

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A mix of personal stories and thoughts related to technology by a creative AI ethics expert. I am interested in the negative space in our tech ecosystem and I aim to transform who speaks about it and how.


Oversharing and musing on tech & society